Enduro 2019


1- How to register for the event or THREE events?


To register for International Enduro to be held at Ambatofotsy Antananarivo, click here.

To register for Mbike Adventure which will take place in the highlands of Antananarivo, click here.

To register for the ISM Bike race which will take place on the island of Sainte Marie, click here.

2- What is the difference between the THREE events?

The International Enduro on April 28, 2019 and the Mbike Adventure on April 29 and 30, 2019 in Antananarivo, in the highlands and the ISM bike from 02 to 04 November 2019 at Ile Sainte Marie, in the East from Madagascar. Follow the links to see the pictures:

Picture Enduro ; Video Enduro; Picture Mbike Adventure ; Video Mbike Adventure; Video ISM Bike Race et les Picture l’ISM Bike Race St Marie

3-How do I pay my registration fees?

Do not forget to put your e-mail address on the registration form to inform you of the payment method of the races.

For those who are already in Madagascar, registrations can be done at the Mbike Madagascar headquarters in Antananarivo or contact directly.

4- Could children participate in the events?

Tous les participants devraient être majeurs et pour les mineurs une autorisation parentale est requise.

5- Quels sont les équipements obligatoires pour faire les courses ?

VTT in state, especially the braking devices

GPS required

Helmets and gloves are mandatory

For more information, please visit: Rules of International Enduro

6- How to contact the leaders of the event?

Please send an e-mail to mbike@mbike.mg or Tel: 00 261 34 07 411 55

If you have any other questions, please contact us directly via this e-mail address and you can also ask us directly on Facebook.

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