Enduro 2019


  • The ATV of each rider must be in working order, especially the braking components;
    Competitors must use the same ATV throughout the competition;
  • Wearing a helmet, a backpack and appropriate gloves is mandatory for the cyclist at all times during the heats and bike routes;
  • For security reasons, the organizer has the right to inspect the competitors’ equipment and reserves the right to take the necessary measures (sending in maintenance, penalty, exclusion, etc …);
  • Each participant must ensure that he has all the food he needs and must be autonomous (water, energy food …);
  • Recognitions are allowed on foot and by bike. These will take place on Saturday, April 20, Sunday, April 21 and Saturday, April 27 (see location plan for departure);
  • Any registered competitor authorizes the exploitation by the organizer of the images and / or videos taken during the competition;
  • The organizer does not take out insurance for bodily injury and material damage for the participants. Each rider will have to insure himself for his risks when participating in the race.
  • Respect for the environment is a priority. Also, thank you for not throwing your garbage in the nature;
  • The competitors must have their phone in working order and their number must be communicated to the organizer, number to contact in case of emergency during the race: 034 18 239 91 or 034 45 232 42;
  • After the call for the start, competitors arriving late must follow the organizers’ instructions (see SANCTIONS AND PENALIZATIONS on page 3);
  •  The organizer reserves the right to penalize any infractions or anomalies noticed during the departure;
  •  The bib must be picked up before the event and must be worn visibly during the heats and ties;
  •  Any entrant changing their name or bib number will be disqualified;
  •  Competitors must respect the limits of the courses which are materialized by rubalises, doors or corridors of rubalises. If a rider accidentally or accidentally leaves the course, he wil have to resume the route at the place where he left. Any infringement found by an official controller or member of the organization will result in a significant penalty;
  •  Taking shortcuts voluntarily will be punished by disqualification;
  •  Unsportsmanlike attitudes towards other competitors will be sanctioned;
  •  It is forbidden to perform any action that may endanger another competitor or any other person (dangerous overtaking, etc.);
  •  Competitors are responsible for their equipment. The organizer declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage.
  •  The general classification will be calculated by adding the total of all the heats;
  •  Competitors must respect the indications of the organization;
  •  The organizer reserves the right to carry out time penalties or disqualification depending on the degree of the competitor’s fault;
  •  Any competitor taking part in this competition is supposed to know these rules. He undertakes to submit unreservedly to all his prescriptions.

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