MBIKE Adventure

The adventure begins!

Race with step and hike on with Mbike Adventure


Every year, Mbike Adventure organizes a 5-day race. This event is open to all mountain bikers.

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Breathe the air of the countryside!

No more pollution, far from the horns and whistles that stab you eardrums, far from smoke, no traffic jam. Welcome to the country side. People are nice and sympathetic. They smile. Roads are clear but mostly impassable for cars. But who needs a car? We certainly have not driven for miles to stay locked inside once there!

Mountain biking is another matter. Through the circuits offered by Mbike Adventure, your bike and you are going to live a unique mountain bike experience.

From 9th to 13th of may, you will discovered the wonderful landscape of Madagascar’s highlands with Mbike Adventure.

During tha period, every year, Mbike Adventure gives you the opportunity to live and share experience with other bikers and locals in a natural.

Pedal with the wind at your back, climbing up and down the beautiful hill of the Imerina.

Time to oil your chains!

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