Bike transport from La Réunion to Sainte Marie

By the organizer : 100€ (incuding the custom fees)

  • Departure from Port des Galets :7th of november, with a 25m catamaran made of alu. (* at worst the day after) ;
  • Arrival at Sainte Marie island on thursday 9th or 10 november ;
    If unexpected situation, the départ might delayed the tuesday 14th of november and the arrival on friday 17th of november at Sainte Marie ;
  • Bikes will leave Saint Marie the 24th or 25th of november.


  • Full board : 365 euros for  4 days (from 17th to 21st november)

How to get there ?

  • Departure from la Réunion on Madagasikara Airways flight : 17th november
  • Return from Pierrefonds the 24th novembre.
  • You can stay on Sainte Marie island for the rest of your stay.
  • You can also extend you stay (between 21st and 24th). Clic hire to visit the Tourism Office of Sainte Marie‘s web site



1st on generalSL 2
2nd on general SL 1
3rd on generalSL X

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