First of all, the ISM Bike Race, mountain bike race in stages and hiking, is a sporting event taking place on the tropical landscape of Sainte-Marie. It is a perfect playground to practice the mountain bike which is becoming more and more popular.

Wishing to register permanently as a sporting event reference in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean, the ISM Bike Race is opened to each and every one, competitors or hobbyists, locals or foreigners. Contributing to the promotion of the discipline, the race will also allow Malagasy runners to compete against foreign runners.

More than a race, an adventure …

Participating in the ISMbike Race gives you the opportunity to mix the sporting effort with the discovering of a country, a region, landscapes, cultures and populations.

Participation of Malagasy runners

Whenever it is possible, the organizing team hopes to allow the best Malagasy runners to participate in the race. For this third edition, which will be held from the 18th to the 20nd of November 2017, the organization wants to invite the best riders from previous editions of  “Tana Mountain Bike Tour”, a mountain bike championship in the Tana region.

Lists of the Competition Steps

Step 153,9 km504 m D+ 485 m D-2nd November 2019
Step 214 km144 m D+ 143 m D-3rd November 2019
Step 347,6 km578 m D+ 582 m D-4th November 2019
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