MBIKE Adventure


Mandatory insurance for all foreigners and expatriates : This insurance is directly included in your registration fee and you have an indication by the sponsor participation. A duplicata of your sanitary insurance attestation will be asked during registration.


Assistance Plus will be following the adventure and its teams will be deployed all along your daily adventures.

The race organization commits to insure runners evacuation if they meet strong difficulties during the competition. It declines by against all liability in respect of declared runners disqualified by the fact that they are without race number, out of hour barriers or out of the racing area.

Assistance Plus has a support tray and medical service on emergencies. Assistance Plus also have all the resources necessary to ensure the fastest supports with experienced doctors.

Assistance Plus can act in case of accident 24hours a day and 7days a week throughout the country.

Assistance Plus is equipped with several medical vehicles, airplanes and private nursing jets and a helicopter.

For those wishing to subscribe to the sanitary repatriation via Assistance Plus: Assistance Plus as event partner proposes a repatriation service which takes into account vital healthcare. For more details, go to their official website: http://www.assistanceplus.mg/.


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